#Get up and Go with Travelodge

Tania Harwood
Tania Harwood Group Client Director


Following a £57m modernisation programme, Travelodge, the UK’s biggest independent hotel chain, has created a more modern look and feel for the brand. This marks the company’s first steps in building a new Travelodge that is Britain’s favourite hotel chain for value. 

Travelodge needed to show consumers that it has changed and is a true value brand.


People stay in all types of hotels for all types of reasons, but their choices are often ill-thought-out (we’ve all booked a four-star B&B for a mate’s wedding and barely slept in the bed).

Our strategy is to make Travelodge an automatic choice for people planning a short stay, and we did that in three ways.

  1. TV to show how Travelodge has changed and to keep the brand top of mind
  2. In big cities, where competition is fierce, the largest posters on the landscape dominate the line of vision as you enter the city by road or rail; in effect Travelodge would become an unofficial sponsor of a Manchester, London, Newcastle etc.
  3. People are interested in other people. A digital guestbook logs tweets, photos, videos and customer reviews to inspire future customers to GetUpandGo with Travelodge. We listen to what Britain is getting up to in social media and aggregate their favourite experiences on #getupandgo. Those experiences are then integrated into ads that appear next to conversations about locations and occasions online. 


The campaign has only been live for two months, but already there has been a significant increase in spontaneous brand awareness for Travelodge and people seeing Travelodge as market leader.

When prompted, recognisers of the advertising say that Travelodge has hotels all over the UK, is good for families, can help you have a good weekend and is ‘for everyone’. 

Online, users are spending above average time on the #GetUpandGo hub and with the socially integrated ads.