Slendertone - 'Supercharge Your Workout'

Scott Bilbe
Scott Bilbe (former) Senior Creative Producer

Our challenge for 2016 was to stop people from buying Slendertone as a quick fix, seeing it as a substitution for and not a compliment to exercise. Our task was to reinvigorate the brand by supporting the launch of the ‘Connect Abs Belt’ and ensuring consumers understood how the belt could help them in their everyday fitness routine.

Slendertone has been manufacturing clinically proven toning products that electronically stimulate the muscles (EMS) for over 50 years. When used as part of a healthy lifestyle, regular use of the Slendertone Abs belt achieves great results; tightening waistlines and building the core strength. Yet those with all the best intentions with no adoption of a healthy, active lifestyle were using it alone to slim their waistline.

The objective was to supercharge the workout; by making Slendertone a part of an everyday wellbeing regime, users would gain the best results. This would increase positive conversation, shift brand perceptions and normalise usage of the belt.

We had to show people that Slendertone is a fitness and health brand for the future and ensure they understand that Slendertone could be part of a healthy routine in order to gain the best results. We thought how better to do this than by partnering with Hearst Magazines UK. Hearst Magazines are the biggest health and fitness publisher in the country and as a business they are at the forefront of developing innovative partnerships.

We brought this to life with the ‘Supercharge Your Workout” campaign featuring 8 long-form native videos and 16 different editorial content pieces across print and digital in Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Runner’s World to help inspire and empower people to achieve their fitness goals. The videos were a series of useful and informative short-form videos that integrated the Slendertone into existing health and workout regimes to Supercharge their fitness.

We worked with two fitness experts, Martin Sutcliffe and Adrienne Herbert who would instruct and train two Hearst employees; educating them on the product and how it could play an important part in their overall fitness regime. The photography, interviews and testimonies involving these Slendertone partners featured in our content and helped normalise the product for everyday use.

The videos sat alongside written content pieces to help people get more out of their fitness routine and they would use the integrity of the MH, WH and RW brands to promote the Slendertone Connect as being at the forefront of health and fitness products. The print campaign included instructional advertorials on core workouts that integrated the Slendertone Connect, plus added inspirational food recipes to help fitness fanatics maximise all aspects of their healthy routine.

The content proved to be even more successful than we’d initially hoped, smashing our page engagement KPI by 379% (dwell time 5mins 30seconds versus KPI of 1min 17 seconds) and generating almost twice as many video views as planned (578,307 delivered versus 300,000 planned). But more importantly, the partnership successfully helped to shift brand perceptions. In the effectiveness study which we conducted pre and post-campaign, users were asked specifically what their take-outs from the content were. Responses included:

  • “Fitness is important and products like Slendertone can help you attain that fitness”
  • “Fitness is important and Slendertone will help your health and well-being”
  • “That you can improve the shape of your body through simple exercises which don’t require gym equipment and Slendertone is an easy way to boost toning.”
  • “They gave real support and guidance around how to fine tune your workout to achieve your required results”

It also helped to increase brand awareness, consideration and overall understanding of our campaign:

  • Overall brand awareness shifted 3% (from 75% to 78%) as a result of seeing our content.
  • 20% agreed that “It makes me interested in learning more / finding out more about Slendertone”*
  • 67% of MH readers and 68% of WH readers agreed that “Slendertone is a good partner in your core workout”*.

(*MindMover / Hearst Ad effectiveness study 2016)