Slendertone - Social Fingerprinting

This year, Slendertone came to us with a number of challenges. One of these challenges was to promote sustainable business growth by championing their latest “Connect” product within the context of their core product offering. To do this, we needed to reach the audience who the Connect products would be most relevant. Our research showed that the target audience were digital-savvy, health-conscious adults who express varying levels of commitment to exercise.

We needed to find the best way of talking to this audience, what content we should be producing, and which media outlets to potentially partner with.

Using social data to quantify and visualise how conversations flow around brands, our Social Fingerprinting tool was able to provide the initial strategic insight required to go on to answer these questions.


Social Fingerprinting provided us with a ‘macro-view’ of the influential voices shaping the conversations. Analysis showed that the key voices in the Slendertone conversation fell into four broad groups: the brand itself; retailers and resellers; experts and brand ambassadors; and publishers.

This starting point enabled us to understand the potential benefit of a media partnership strategy. We were then able to bring other industry profiling data into the mix to identify the best media personalities and outlets with which to collaborate.

In our search for partners with conversational influence and credibility, online and print fitness magazines were particular noteworthy as brands who were currently not as active in the conversation as they could be. They had potential to play a more instrumental role in message communication and amplification:


Using our Social Fingerprinting tool we also conducted a competitive overview how health and fitness brands were performing in social.

Taking this approach, we were able to identify other success stories from which we could learn. We found that for most fitness brands, true engagement followed from communicating the experience of usage, rather than the product itself. Tips and motivational advice are the best means of inspiring consumers and getting them to amplify a brand message. Communications should be goal-oriented yet inclusive.


We created a powerful strategy for Slendertone and ran a campaign entitled ‘Supercharge Your Workout’. The campaign, both in terms of partner selection and content creation, was shaped by a thorough research programme that began with Social Fingerprinting.

At the heart of the campaign was a content partnership using carefully selected digital properties within the Hearst group, including Women's Health and Men's Health. This partnership featured a range of engaging formats from articles, to competitions, to display. The campaign focused on video content, which was goal-oriented in tone. YouTube and social channels were also used.