Picture yourself in Florida...


‘Fun Seekers’ are people who seek a ready-made holiday experience at theme parks and holiday camps.
Two insights drove our strategy:

  1. Fun Seekers are ‘always considering’ their next holiday: We needed a consistent presence.
  2. It is a democratic decision, with over 47% of parents saying they involve their children when deciding on the location or activities included on holiday: We needed shared environments to activate discussion.


Picture yourself in Florida…. We created a long-term partnership for an ‘always on’ presence with the Mail on Sunday across all platforms, incorporating editorial, tablet, mobile, desktop, newspaper and supplement activity and placements in a shared space, namely the TV listings. With a little added media first in the paper’s online space…


A fun, bright, five-page cover wrap of the Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine – as well as a digital takeover - ensured this campaign launch could not be missed. Ownership of the TV listings, with a fabulous family holiday up for grabs, was sure to create conversation during family moments.

But that’s not all. For the first time ever, the Mail on Sunday website ran a fade out front cover, meaning Mail+ readers were served our SeaWorld mock front cover the moment they opened the app. This faded out after a few seconds to reveal the editorial front cover, meaning everyone who visited the site couldn’t fail but see the ad. Cross-platform traffic drivers, as well as regular editorial stories, ensured this campaign maintained momentum, changed perceptions and drove competition entries.