Entertaining at your Leisure


Social Foodie Balancers are passionate about food but want that extra bit of guidance and inspiration, especially around key social events throughout the year. They rely heavily on food inspiration online for knowledge on food trends and recipes, as they’re people who love to cook and entertain but often find the whole process a little chaotic.

The Idea

We know our audience love to entertain. But we also know that when it comes to entertaining they sometimes feel overwhelmed and stressed. With the help of Immediate Media and their key food titles in BBC Good Food, Olive and Delicious, we’re helping aid these moments through useful and engaging content.

The BBC Good Food home economist has created tips, hacks and recipes on how to perfect the art of entertaining with a range cooker. All content lives on the bespoke hub, is featured within print media and seeded out through social inspiring our relevant audience no matter how they consume media. We’re ensuring that Leisure cookers stand out from the crowd, positioning it as an aspirational cookery brand that guides you through each seasonal occasion.

What we did

We have created a bespoke microsite which houses all of the beautiful, useful and aspirational campaign content, seamlessly driving to the Leisure site.

Driving home the aspirational side of owning a Leisure cooker, we are also featuring short form seasonal videos on the microsite. Each video will display the seasons beautifully changing as represented by the food cooked with your Leisure range cooker.

The microsite also houses a competition, giving our audience the opportunity to win their very own Leisure range cooker.

DPS advertorials across BBC Good Food, Olive and Delicious engage our audience in a high-quality print environment, driving the key message that owning a Leisure cooker makes each occasion less chaotic and more enjoyable.

Ensuring that Leisure is front of mind amongst our relevant audience, each advertorial features tips and hacks on how best to prepare for each seasonal event alongside a seasonal recipe that you are able to create with ease in your Leisure cooker.

Beautifully photographed by our photographers and editorial team, each DPS advertorial positions Leisure as the brand that guides our audience through each seasonal event.

This campaign is currently live - see the work here