Continental Tyres – Road to France

Scott Bilbe
Scott Bilbe (former) Senior Creative Producer

Getting you to the game safely

More than just tyres, Continental has a cutting edge approach to the automotive industry and is one of the few car manufacturers in the world that can build a car from the ground up. Their long running association with the game of football mirrors this holistic approach, which spans across the game, from sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup™ and European club football to grassroots and community programmes. They were also one of the headline sponsors of the UEFA Euro 2016™ competition in France this summer.

The UEFA Euro Championships™ are dominated by some of the world’s biggest advertisers and our approach needed to ensure our messaging would provide our target audience with something that was both interesting and useful. Our aim was to widen the awareness of Continental's sponsorship, drive consideration within the football category and align with the technology category. It would sit perfectly with our wider work on ‘Vision Zero’ - helping consumers trust and share the vision of taking vital steps towards investing in tyre safety.

Partnering with Stuff and FourFourTwo magazines, we launched our ‘Road To France’ campaign. Working with SportsCel we created bespoke video travel guides of all the host cities of UEFA Euro 2016™ to provide the ‘Ultimate Euro Road Trip’ experience. These videos were hosted within editorial features on a standalone content hub to which both brands played an important part.

FourFourTwo provided an in-depth guide to which every travelling football fan demands before any major tournament; places to visit, games to watch, stats to remember and people to meet.

Stuff covered “The Tech Behind” the tournament; the future behind spectating, changes in the way the game is coached, the wearable tech revolution and essential apps to follow the tournament.

For maximum exposure to this bespoke content, we used a mixture of native articles, online display, print pages and the highly influential social channels of both brands to ensure we maximised our reach to the loyal and informed Haymarket audience.

Over the course of the tournament the hub had over 25,000 unique users on site with the average dwell time at over 3 minutes 08 seconds, well above industry standard. The content helped drive over 300,000 video views and a single interactive quiz ‘Name the player’s home country’ generated over 11,000 views alone.