Boeing - Better business futures

Boeing asked us to help build favorability for the Boeing-UK partnership. They wanted to create confidence that giving business to Boeing translates into economic growth and benefit to the UK and its people overall. This was as part of a bigger advertising idea that Boeing helps build a stronger UK.

To do this, we had to speak to a very specific audience. We needed to get in front of business opinion leaders, civil servants, think tanks and key influencers of Westminster politicians – but do so in a way which was genuinely engaging and with enough authority to make them listen.

The Idea

In partnership with The Telegraph, we created Better Business Futures – a three-month content programme to explore the challenges and opportunities facing UK businesses, discussing how to shape the road ahead.

This would put Boeing at the heart of a credible and authentic narrative relevant to senior decision makers in the business community and related policy circles.

The content would develop and highlight case studies that embody innovation, optimism and excellence to drive passion and align Boeing with UK business success, creating a powerful context for Boeing messaging by exploring the conditions and behaviours that encourage businesses and their communities to thrive.

How we did it

The Telegraph produced a raft of editorial content, which ran both digitally, in print and experientially. These included:

  • In-depth, long-form features and editorial style features designed to drive direct association between Boeing and the sustained success of British business.
  • “Leadership Lens” pieces – hearing from a select group of top tier Boeing professionals to get perspectives on what makes the UK a unique place to do business.
  • Bespoke features, researched and written by Telegraph, that get under the skin of Boeing in the UK.
  • A premium sponsor presence at the Festival of Business – The Telegraph’s flagship business conference.

Why it worked

Better Business Future was more than just a media piece. This was a true partnership which brought together the strengths of both organisations to deliver real value to their audience across digital, print and real-world touchpoints.

This wasn’t just about badging relevant content with the Boeing logo. This was an integration at every level of Boeing and The Telegraph, with such commitment from senior Boeing resource to allow for in-depth editorial pieces involving Director of Crew and Mission Operations, Chris Ferguson, UK Managing Director, Sir Michael Arthur and Global CEO, Dennis Muilenburg.

The results reflected this, with all of our planned metrics being far surpassed in delivery – showcasing the genuine resonance between Boeing and The Telegraph.