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Vanessa Doyle

Head of Publishing

My role at Initiative is to ensure we hit implementational buying targets across all our accounts and disciplines. The pace we work at and the constant evolution of our business thrills me and keeps me on my toes. Nothing pleases me more than seeing our work in action, a Metro coverwrap for example being held up by many on the tube still makes me beam with pride. I have a huge passion for media both personally and from a career perspective. I’ve worked across lots of interesting accounts at Initiative covering Cinema, Press and now increasingly Digital disciplines.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
‘It is what it is’, there is no come back to that!

Most embarassing album you own?
Five Star ‘Systematic’, Myself and Sarah Tsirkas were both at the concert aged 6 (ish)!

Death Row last meal?
Spag Bol everytime, I've never had a bad one!

Years at Initiative: 15

Recent Posts by Vanessa

‘Alphabet of Illiteracy’ wins at Cannes

A campaign that Initiative UK collaborated on with agency FCB Inferno, has won the Cannes Lions Health and Wellness Grand Prix. FCB Inferno won the category for its integrated campaign ‘Alphabet of Illiteracy’ for education company, Pearson’s, Project Literacy. The campaign “Project Literacy” aims…
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Happy readers are receptive readers

Magazines are back with a bang, finally selling themselves again to the industry at today’s Spark 2015 event, hosted by Magnetic, the marketing body for the UK's magazine industry. Research proved that Happiness is the key to making people receptive to advertising… According to the study, magazines…
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Mediatel - Future of Newspapers conference

The Mediatel ‘Future of Newspapers’ conference took place on Monday 29 September. The panel featured some highly respected individuals, including our own Jane Wolfson , numerous influential newsbrand management figures, and well-known commentator Ray Snoddy. Snoddy, a passionate media observer, bega…
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