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Sally Weavers

Managing Director

I hope I give the agency focus and direction. I am a strategist at heart and love getting my hands on a client brief. I regularly send nagging internal emails about tidying up and filling in timesheets.

If I wasn’t working in media I’d be...
A gardener

What is your favourite word?

First single bought?
Billy, don’t be a hero – Paperlace (I am seriously that old)   

Years at Initiative: 4

Recent Posts by Sally

Introducing GumboLive

Some of you may remember that in September last year, Initiative launched a global piece of research into Millennials. We aimed to find out what makes them tick, how brands can connect with them, and what marketers need to understand in order to reach them.
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Connected TV & Music

I’ve come screaming into the new world since Christmas, investing in two bits of technology that have fundamentally changed the way I consume media… ..A connected TV….I know they’ve been around for ages…but oh my god…I love it. I’ve never really got into catch-up TV before and now it’s all I do!…
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The Power of Culture

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about internal culture, why it’s important, and how to create one that isn’t oppressive or false, that genuinely encourages people to develop their skills and nurtures a sense of belonging. Everywhere I’ve worked has felt different, but one place stands out. I firs…
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