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Rick Coombs

Planning Director

Working across the broad scope of digital media ensures things never get dull due to the constant innovation and emerging technology. The variation between campaigns along with the growing focus on non-traditional channels ensures every week is different and it’s great seeing how new developments can be used within current projects.

If I wasn’t working in media I’d be...
A Property Developer (also dependant on lottery win)

Who would play you in the film of your life?
Rhod Gilbert, I wish it was because I’m that funny but purely because he REALLY looks like me (yes, that way around).

Death row last meal: 
It would have to be Tapas, as I could never choose a single meal…

Years at Initiative: 6

Recent Posts by Rick

Newsbrands: Be smart about smartphones

Not a week (or even a day?) goes by without seeing a statistic about how quickly smartphones are becoming ubiquitous (currently 32m UK adults use their phones for 2hrs 4mins a day). While this is both important and interesting, it does feel like every mobile event in the past year has focused on smar…
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Rugby World Cup 2015 – The tournament gets underway

So, the 2015 RWC is upon us and a combination of long-standing fans and head-scratching newcomers made up an ITV peak audience of 9.4m (only just half of which were male) who tuned in on Friday night for the opening ceremony and England vs. Fiji game. In a case of the social sphere mirroring real…
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Facebook ‘Dislike’ POV

Facebook has finally announced they are to introduce a much requested ‘Dislike’ button after years of disgruntled users calling for the functionality. It’s been tactically framed as a more appropriate emotive response (who really ‘Likes’ a friend’s misfortune?) rather than a negative response but i…
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