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Nico Pirroni

Publishing Assistant

Working as a Publishing Assistant I am developing an in-depth understanding of Print, Cinema and Digital media so I can best advise clients on how to utilise their budgets in the best possible manner. I really enjoy the role as it involves a lot of creative thinking to negotiate the best deals and make everything win-win.

If I wasn’t working in media I’d be...
Trying to make it as a professional lacrosse player

Who would play you in the film of your life?
Marlon Brando

Death row last meal
Wood oven pizza with Salami, Pancetta, Onion and an Egg on top

Years at Initiative: 1

Recent Posts by Nico

Mediatel Magazine Media Event

On the 10th November, the world of magazines came together at Mediatel's half-day conference for a morning of discussions and panel debates to explore a number of issues facing the industry. Outrage at Facebook's mis-calculation of video views was a sore subject for publishers and agencies alike. Int…
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NRS PADD: July 2015 to June 2016

Overall, the big news coming from the NRS PADD is that newsbrands reach 91% (47 million) of the UK population every month across all their platforms. Print is still very popular with 66% of the population reading print newspapers on a monthly basis. However, they reach a massive 75% of that 47 millio…
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Newsworks Effectiveness Summit - Newsbrand Effectiveness

Speaking as someone relatively new to the world of media, attending the Newsworks Effectiveness Summit a few days ago provided me with a wide range of insights to the media landscape and how budgets should be apportioned to achieve the best ROI in multi-media packages. In order to understand the im…
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