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James Davies

Insight Executive

I work on the Insight team helping our clients understand more about their brands, competitors and consumers. I’m fascinated by human behaviour and why people make the choices they do – helping clients to tap into that is what I really love about the job.

First single?
American Idiot - Greenday

Worst job you've done?
Assistant to the regional milkman

Surprising fact:
I once outran a charging Asian elephant.

Years at Initiative: 3

Recent Posts by James

If London is another country, media is another planet

The media bubble. The London bubble. We all know they exist but what can we do about them? For those of us living in London, where we are surrounded by the buzz of almost 9 million people, it can be easy to forget the rest of the UK (all 55.5 million of them). This is even more pronounced for those…
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A lot has been written about neuromarketing in the last decade. Is it a discipline that can truly expose the underlying motivations behind consumer decision making? In the following we’ll explore what neuromarketing entails and the opportunities and limitations of the current techniques. First of a…
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Predictably Irrational: Dan Ariely

Although early morning trips on the Northern line are no one’s first choice of activity, I’ve recently been enjoying my journeys into work whilst reading Dan Ariely’s fascinating book about decision making. ‘Predictably Irrational: The hidden forces that shape our decisions’ is a title falling unde…
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Feel nothing, do nothing. Feel more, buy more.

Recently the Initiative Insight team went to the cinema to watch adverts! Not just any adverts though: the ‘Feel More 50’ event was put on by market research company Brainjuicer to showcase the results of their research into 2015’s top adverts from around the world. Brainjuicer believe very strongly…
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