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Geoff Copps

IPG Mediabrands Research Director

My key role at Initiative is in the development and integration of Mediabrands’ world-leading tools across the planning teams. I take a special interest in working to embed customer data at the heart of the planning process. Across my career I have previously worked for both media owner and research supplier, so have a thorough understanding of the different sides of the coin. If, err, three-sided media research coins existed. Which they don’t.

Secret tip: 
It’s ok to ask questions! A simple, sensible or thoughtful question will never make you look stupid. And if someone says ‘obviously’ or ‘definitely’, 9 times out of 10 it’s neither obvious nor definite.

Death row last meal: 
A nice pint and a bag of cheese-n-onion. Actually, if it’s death row… better make that a pint of whiskey.

Years at Initiative: 4

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