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Charlie Sandison

Planning Executive

I get to sit with an amazing planning team working across both global and local clients. I enjoy working in a fast paced and dynamic industry that presents exciting challenges day in and day out. I get the opportunity to draw upon my cultural background and creativity to presents clients with new and inspiring campaigns.

If I wasn’t working in media I’d be ….
Swimming, Cycling and Running my way around the world or in slightly smaller circles.

Worst job you’ve done …..
Collect seaweed from a cold Scottish beach in January, to spread over a garden as it is good compost…. apparently.

Death row last meal….
I would have marinated chicken satay with a peanut and coriander sauce, over a bed of romaine and cucumber salad paired with a quinoa and mango salad. Washed down with a cold New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.