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Caroline Manning

Strategy Director

I work with planning teams to help create strategies for our clients and their brands. I try to look at things a bit differently, be curious about why people do the things they do and create ideas about how brands can capitalise on their audience’s worldviews or behaviours. I love staying up to date with the world of media and can’t help but love mini-facts about how consumers behave – did you know that you are more likely to change your brand habits if you have just experienced a change in your life (like a new job or home). I love asking why, digging a bit deeper and getting to the crux of a problem.

If I wasn’t working in media I’d be...
A party planner

Cat or dog?
Definitely Dog – I’ve wanted one for years! Office dog anyone?!

Worst job you’ve done
I once spent 2 days in a factory packaging magazines

Years at Initiative: 1

Recent Posts by Caroline

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Yesterday a number of us attended the Magnetic Spark 2016 conference. Here we encountered a number of talks and panels around the role of magazine brands within the modern day media marketplace. Kicking off the event was Nick Southgate, the IPA’s Behavioural Economics consultant. Southgate echoed Kah…
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