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Ben Walton

Head of Digital

I oversee the agency’s digital output across all channels. Working closely with our account team, I devise best-in-class digital strategies and solutions that complement and integrate with above-the-line media and wider marketing plans.

In my role I get the best of both worlds – getting into the detail of the brands business and how digital channels can drive growth but also getting involved in some nice big brand campaigns that allows us to do some really interesting digital work. Collecting a few awards along the way is also nice!

Cat or Dog?:

Funeral song:
Daft Punk - Get Lucky

Worst job:
Working for a removal company in New Zealand - it was hard work!

Years at Initiative: 7

Recent Posts by Ben

Adblocking - Time to educate

The launch of iOS9 has put ad-blocking firmly on agencies’ and brands’ agendas. Ad-blocking has been around for ages but recent developments have put it on the radar of more people than just the young, tech-savvy audiences. Ad-blocking is a browser extension that prevents banner ads being served (t…
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Attending the first inaugural Mediabrands G14 Hackathon.

I had an idea that could solve a particular client challenge but hadn’t found the technical skills to bring the idea to life, so as soon as I heard about the hackathon I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to help develop it into something real. I thought I’d go along, share my idea and see i…
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The Data Conundrum – Part 2 of 2 ‘Dollars for Data?’

In my last blog, I talked about the existing landscape of ‘big data’, where technology is giving brands access to unprecedented amounts of personal information. But what next? What do brands do with all this data? Should they do anything at all? A few companies are all set to take advantage. Star…
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The Island with Bear Grylls

This is not a recreation of C4’s shipwrecked, but in fact an experiment to see if man’s survival instincts still remain. A group of men dumped in a mango swamp,  with no food or water and only some basic survival skills are tested to their limits to see if they can survive. This is compelling viewing…
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The Data Conundrum – Part 1 of 2 - ‘A World of Data’

It’s often said we are on the cusp of a new era of hyper-connectivity. Driven by cheaper devices, faster processing speeds, wearable tech and the 'Internet of things', we now have a greater connection to the world around us than ever before. The capability of new digital technologies has led to t…
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