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Ben Haley

Head of Insight

I'm a nosey person. So I love finding out what people do and why. I'm always trying to get to the bottom of things, understanding more about the world around us, helping our clients understand more about their brands and consumers.

First single:
Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin

Funeral song:
Birds - Neil Young

Worst job:
Packing boxes at an industrial sized bakery

Years at Initiative: 4

Recent Posts by Ben

Real Lives, Real Issues #10 - EU Nationals in the UK

EU nationals represent 3.2 million of the UK’s 65 million population, which is around 5%. However, they make up almost 7% of the workforce. In the pre-referendum debate, their fate was barely on the agenda. But now, a year later, they’ve been offered some assurances by the government. What do these people think about Brexit, the UK and the EU? How are their experiences and attitudes going to shape the UK economy? How should brands and employers react?
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The perpetual balancing act

It’s a question that can be asked in many areas of life. What should we focus on - long-term goals that require us to hold our nerve in the volatile here and now? Or short-term targets that can yield almost-immediate success. Of course, it’s easy to answer, “long term!” But in reality, it’s not alway…
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Globalisation or Isolation

  Sometime in the early fifteenth century a group of shipwrecked Chinese sailors found salvation on the shores of Kenya. Presumably they hoped that a compatriot merchant ship would bear them home. Little did they know that a long period of Chinese maritime exploration and naval prowess was about…
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Real Lives, Real Issues #9 Christmas on a budget

Christmas is a favourite time of year for many people. But how do “just about managing” (“JAM”) families, who have been the main focus of Chancellor Hammond’s recent Autumn Statement, cope with the costs they face during the festive season? These are UK families who’ve seen their disposable income pl…
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Real Lives, Real Issues #8: Post-EU Referendum

In the latest installment of our topical research project we visited Cardiff to speak to young people (aged 18-30) about their sense of identity and prospects for the future – a future outside the EU. You can tell there’s a lot of pride in being Welsh but it’s not easy to define what it means to…
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