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Amy Cumbers

Senior Planning Executive

I am a Media planner working across a diverse portfolio of brands. My job role varies on a day to day basis as I get to work across all media within an array of consumer markets.

I love that I never know what to expect and how I get to interact with both clients and media owners. I am lucky enough to be involved in all key stages of a media campaign, from the initial audience research and comms stage to actually activating the campaign in our chosen media.

It is extremely rewarding and there is a real sense of achievement when a campaign you have owned from start to finish goes live and is a success.

If you could go back in time where would you go?
I would go back to university. I would definitely appreciate it more now. Or I would love to go back to Asia. I went travelling for 3 months a couple of years back and it was amazing!!

Cat or dog?
As I own a cat I would have to say cat…. Apparently (according to my team) I talk about her far too much and am currently getting a name for myself as ‘the crazy cat woman’

Worst job you’ve done: 
I worked on Romford Market (fruit stall) whilst at 6th form. I actually quite enjoyed this job however in the winter it got fairly cold and trying to open up the blue plastic bags whilst wearing gloves was not one of my finest moments!

Years at Initiative: 4

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