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IAB UK Talks - What does 2016 have in-store for Digital Marketing?

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So, the question on everyone’s lips, minds and Twitter feeds – what does 2016 have in-store for Digital Marketing? The IAB brought together a stellar line-up of speakers from around the industry to enlighten us on this very subject. The answer? Well, erm, it’s pretty much the same sort of stuff fro… Read more
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New Year, Old Dichotomy: Is the ‘Brand Building-or-Direct-Response’ split a thing of the past?

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Why should we be forced to choose between Brand or Direct Response? It’s 2015 for goodness sake! For my money, this distinction should be used less and less to describe advertisers and their media behaviours. There are two reasons: first, almost all brand campaigns cut away at typically labelled d… Read more
Liam Loan-Lack
Liam Loan-Lack (former) Account Director
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AA Media Business Course 2014 A Delegates view

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The Advertising Association Media Business Course is a UK advertising institution – a three-day, intensive, syndicate based program of learning where advertising’s best emerging talent (18 months – three years into their careers) tackle a real blue-chip client brief, are pitched to by media owners and then work through the night to create and pitch a campaign plan themselves. - See more at: Read more