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IAB UK Talks - What does 2016 have in-store for Digital Marketing?

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So, the question on everyone’s lips, minds and Twitter feeds – what does 2016 have in-store for Digital Marketing? The IAB brought together a stellar line-up of speakers from around the industry to enlighten us on this very subject. The answer? Well, erm, it’s pretty much the same sort of stuff fro… Read more
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Newsworks Effectiveness Summit - Newsbrand Effectiveness

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Speaking as someone relatively new to the world of media, attending the Newsworks Effectiveness Summit a few days ago provided me with a wide range of insights to the media landscape and how budgets should be apportioned to achieve the best ROI in multi-media packages. In order to understand the im… Read more
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Why Google's patent will transform search

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Voice search is already a reality though not at scale, but the next big step is potentially just around the corner: complex search made easy through environmental input. So what does this mean? Imagine you're watching your favourite show and you can ask about and buy the kicks they're wearing or what that amazing looking Vietnamese dish is. Search just got so sexy and I'm definitely getting those new Nike SB Janoski Max! Read more
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Could a race for subscriptions devalue news brands?

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As their digital products go from strength to strength, news brands are investing ever more in measuring and understanding their readership across platforms. This research is helping agencies invest with greater confidence across print and digital. Leading the way is Newsworks, the marketing body f… Read more
David Grainger
David Grainger (former) Head of Strategy
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Was Hillary ‘Trumped’ by weak strategy or strong data?

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As we all know, Advertising Week Europe has been upon us all. With more than 175 seminars and workshops over four days, with talks from our very own Michael Roth, England’s victorious rugby coach Eddie Jones and even erstwhile American Vice President Al Gore to come, the event is an impressive undert… Read more
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Audible partners with Time Out to target book lovers on the move

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Historically Audible has targeted booklovers - not trying to convince these print traditionalists to exclusively move across to digital, but rather to opt for audiobooks while cooking or running. Basically while they were doing something else. Now we are working on something new, to position Audi… Read more
Scott Bilbe
Scott Bilbe (former) Senior Creative Producer