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The power of pattern: Social Fingerprinting

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At Initiative we’re a social bunch. Recently we’ve been working on new ways of visualising the bewildering wealth of social media data out there. Social media is a rich source of information with which to plan, activate and optimise campaigns. As an agency, we’re also adept at using it for reportin… Read more
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5 strategies for unlocking insight from data - a researcher’s view

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Our clients have a lot of data. Geoff Copps, IPG Mediabrands Head of Reseach explains how we help them get the most out of it: So while data is at the heart of everything I do, I tend to come at it from a slightly different angle to many marketers. When working with data, my primary aim is not… Read more
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Our culture of learning makes us look stupid

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If you type ‘what marketers can learn from…’ into Google, it returns over 31 million results. That’s a staggering amount of learning for a marketer to catch up on, and feels pretty much worthless. In his recent column in Marketing , Mark Riston of The Melbourne Business School summarised this pheno… Read more
David Grainger
David Grainger (former) Head of Strategy