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5 strategies for unlocking insight from data - a researcher’s view

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Our clients have a lot of data. Geoff Copps, IPG Mediabrands Head of Reseach explains how we help them get the most out of it: So while data is at the heart of everything I do, I tend to come at it from a slightly different angle to many marketers. When working with data, my primary aim is not… Read more
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Initiative at #AWEurope : Augmented Creativity

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On 23rd March Initiative presented this seminar "Augmented Creativity" on the opening day of AdWeek Europe… Here’s a post-match analysis by our Communications Director of IPG Mediabrands UK, James Richards:   The Guardian Green Room is a relaxed space with white leather sofas, air conditioning… Read more
Jules Castenskiold
Jules Castenskiold (former) Business Development Director