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What did you say?

It seems that everyone is talking about influencers, from Forbes to Magnetic, and whilst harnessing the value of an influencer to sell products is nothing new (think celeb endorsement), the meteoric rise of social media has given power to the people, and it seems like the people are winning.

As masters of their own content ‘influencers’ are ‘trusted like friends’, giving them the power to not only reach, but also influence.


“Nearly 40% of twitter users saying they have made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer”

“6/10 YouTube subscribers would follow advice from creator over TV/Movie personality” (Google)


So if, like 84%* of the marketing population you plan on using influencers in your next campaign here’s a few things to consider;

  1. Numbers aren’t everything – it’s definitely a matter of quality before quantity (content, audience and reach)
  2. Speak the same language – both parties sending out the same message amplifies impact (a case of 1+1=3)
  3. Something for everyone – everyone needs to benefit - brand, followers, influencer
  4. Collaborate – make them part of the strategy – ask their advice and create together