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The Home of the Future is here...

This morning, in a (fairly large) corner of a neon-adorned East London office, media and marketing’s most intrigued congregated to witness the future. That is, the home of the future – according to Unruly. 2,000 square feet of actual and conceptual home technology, beautifully laid out in a show-home style apartment, designed to inspire and provoke us on the subject of media in the home. How will connected devices change the way we market to consumers?

Alexa is a staple in every room of the Home of the Future

The IoT, much like the “year of mobile”, has suddenly gone from being a fancy future trend to being a real thing right now which is actually happening. Just this morning, figures from Radiocentre suggested that voice-controlled devices such as Amazon’s Echo could be in 40% of UK households by early next year. Technology is rapidly taking over the home, so what do brands need to consider when thinking about how to talk to consumers via this new medium?

Even the cats of the future are connected, according to Unruly

Crucially, the main takeout from Unruly’s launch event was this – the vehicles may change, but the rules of engagement don’t. The home is a sanctuary (84% agree), a safe space for people to relax and be happy, and consumers see connected technology as enhancing these attributes. They’re happy for brands to talk to them at home, but only if it’s worth it for them. And some places will always be off-limits – talking directly to children is a no-no (91% would not be comfortable with brands engaging via connected tech in the kid’s bedroom).

Find out more about the Unruly Home project, take a virtual tour of the apartment and download the study at