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Ten key takeaways from Media360 2016

A couple of weeks ago, AJ and I were lucky enough to join some of media’s most influential people, on the sunny shores of Brighton, for this year’s Media360. The theme this year was disruption, chaos and opportunity and we hadn’t even settled into our seats before Chair, Josh Krichefski, CEO of Mediacom, warned us this was no time to be sitting comfortably “…all bets are off, anything can happen”.


It was a jam-packed two days of presentations and panels, covering a whole spectrum of topics affecting our industry today, from talent acquisition through to creativity in the digital age.

Throughout the conference AJ and I were busy scribbling notes, which we’ve distilled down to 10 golden nuggets for you to take away. Enjoy!

  1. The key rules of advertising remain the same. It’s about great creative together with relative content and context.
  2. There is no shame in failing so long as you’re adding value.
  3. “The only way is Ethics”
  4. With 8/10 Millennials losing faith in a brand when it feels fake, authenticity is the key to survival in this day and age. It’s about bringing the brand values through to the front line.
  5. Diversity in agencies is a key component in evolution. With diversity, it will take longer to reach a solution, it will be harder and it will be messier, but the end result will be worth it.
  6. Do not mistake viewability for attention.
  7. Cooperation is not the same as collaboration. Collaboration needs to be a commercial win-win for all involved (but let’s all respect the specialisms).
  8. “In the face of digital endlessness, restraint is just as important as creation”. Use digital smartly, or don’t use it at all.
  9. Everyone has data. Those who are interpreting it correctly, win.
  10. Belief throughout a company that an idea can change everything, can change everything.