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Real Lives, Real Issues #5 : Gender Equality

It is chapter five in the series where we visit different parts of the UK, investigating issues that affect people’s day-to-day lives.

Gender equality continues to be a hot topic, not least according to Google and Twitter data*. Last year, actor Emma Watson delivered an impassioned speech about the issue at the UN. David Cameron recently announced that large companies must declare their gender pay gap. But the UK has continued to slip down the World Economic Forum’s gender equality ranking; it’s now outside the top 20 in all four categories, in 26th place overall.

But away from such exalted company, what do British women think about their roles within the workplace, the home and society? We spent some time in Reading, interviewing a mother and daughter, two sisters, and two friends.

*The last few years have shown steadily increasing volumes in Google searches (for ‘unisex’) and Twitter posts on the subject.

Generally, women believe things have changed for the better.

Although sexism in the workplace has undoubtedly declined, it’s still encountered by some women today.

There seems to be more prejudice against mothers than against women in general.

The portrayal of women in the media is a source of particular irritation.

It has led to a feeling that women are being objectified, which in in turn leads to greater self-consciousness, particularly among young women and girls.

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