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Real Lives, Real Issues #3 : Zero Hours Workers

For the third in our ongoing series where we seek to understand more about real people, out there in the real world, living real lives...

Sheffield has slowly but surely set about recovering from the decline of the steel and coal industries; the city’s economy has grown substantially in the 21st century. But not everyone has felt this increase in prosperity. We spoke to people whose lives have been affected by uncertain economic times. Due to changes in circumstances, including redundancy, they now find themselves looking for new forms of employment and sources of income.

Some are working on zero-hours contracts.

Some are venturing into the world of self-employment.

Changes in employment can provide a time for reflection. Education and re-training provides opportunities for greater employability and security.

Over the last few years, they’ve felt the strain on the household finances. They’ve had to make cutbacks.

They want there to be changes to the way the country is run.

But they’re not convinced that the current crop of politicians are the people to bring them about.

So, what next?

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