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Real Lives, Real Issues

The people we care about are not bothered about advertising theory past, present or future. They know little of the programmatic agenda but feel its impact keenly. They care about what’s happening in Emmerdale, not EC1. They’re real people, out there in the real world, living real lives… (And they don’t all live in London.)

So that’s where we’re going too. This year, we’re getting out there. We’re talking to real people about the real issues that matter to them, and should matter more to us and our clients. We’re going to listen carefully, take lots of pictures and share a little of what we find. If you’re interested, we’ll tell you more. Not in November in the biggest auditorium in town, but maybe every few weeks, over a coffee or a pint.

Like real people do.

For the first chapter, we interviewed adult members of low income, working families in the Nottingham area, in late February. Despite being employed, many struggle to do more than simply get by.

They may feel disconnected and disenfranchised.

It’s possible to make a difference, by empowering people, and helping them to plan and save.

So, what next?

To find out more about Real Lives, Real Issues, and how and why they matter for your brands, please contact:

Ben Haley
Head of Insight

David Grainger
Head of Strategy