NRS PADD - it's here!

You’ll all be pleased to hear that we can now finally demonstrate just how big the reach is of UK print brands!

When mobile and tablet numbers were added to magazine readerships they increased brand reach on average
by 27% and newsbrands by 31%, both huge gains showing that people still want edited choice!


Ten magazines brands were measured and all showed considerable growth in overall brand reach.

BBC's Good Food the largest of the magazine brands increased readership by a huge 68%. Total reach of
the brand is now 4.7m a month.

Time Out also recorded hefty gains increasing readership by 32% to secure 3.3m readers each month.

NME magazine has been facing declining circulations, but, this new data helps us prove how strong the brand
really is reaching 1.5m, a great influencer!


Like the magazine results above newsbrands also proved their strength increasing readership by an average 31%.

Daily Mail's offering grew its readership even more, confirming its place as biggest in the sector with a huge
23m readers across all platforms.

Despite having its online content behind a metered paywall, telegraph.co.uk saw overall readership increase
by 42%, making it the third-highest read online news platform behind the guardian.com and dailymail.co.uk.

The Independent, despite its small print circulation, demonstrates the strength of its brand and that it is moving
with its audience increasing overall readership by a huge 48% - the greatest addition of all the newsbrands titles.
Overall the Independent brand recorded a combined figure of almost 10 million.