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Newsbrands: Be smart about smartphones

Rick Coombs
Rick Coombs (former) Planning Director

Not a week (or even a day?) goes by without seeing a statistic about how quickly smartphones are becoming ubiquitous (currently 32m UK adults use their phones for 2hrs 4mins a day). While this is both important and interesting, it does feel like every mobile event in the past year has focused on smartphone growth, which begs the question: “When will the focus shift?”.

Commendably, the Newsworks 'Be smart about Smartphones' event this week only dwelt on the adoption stats momentarily before Denise Turner, Director of Insight, delved deeper into how marketers should be framing their mobile plans, based around the below five principles:

  1. Choose your moment
  2. Prime your audience
  3. Enter their world
  4. Fuel their conversation
  5. Play the field

These ladder up to: Consider when and where to reach your audience, ensure the advertising is relevant and complimentary to the content, and realise the smartphone is not the only media they consume.

The Guardian’s William Rowntree followed, presenting the newspapers’ findings in collaboration with market researchers The Keller Fay Group on the ‘Mobile Influencer’ – you want to be reaching these people as they are smarter, richer and more influential than you (apparently), before O2’s Kev McFadyen provided a client’s perspective, with the key takeouts reiterating that mobile users don’t mind advertising if it is tailored correctly - and context shouldn’t be outright ignored in favour of data-led audience targeting.

The full presentation with all the detail can be found on the Newsworks website.