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My apprenticeship with Initiative

If you’re ever given the chance to complete an Apprenticeship with Initiative, take it without a second thought!

I recently completed my 13-month Apprenticeship after deciding I didn’t want to take the university route. I always had a passion to work in the Media Industry so after I finished my A-Levels, I decided to get stuck in as soon as I could, despite being offered unconditional offers from various universities. There’s increasing pressure on young people to go to university these days, and so I wanted to prove with motivation and dedication, you can succeed without a degree!

During my Apprenticeship, I was given the chance to work alongside planners and buyers within the agency on a range of clients, across various media channels. I can honestly say I learnt something new every day, which is incredibly valuable (and not something I hear my friends at university say!) As the year continued, I was given more responsibilities and chances to attend industry training courses.

As part of the Apprenticeship, a different Learning Unit was allocated each month, covering topics such as Digital Marketing Metrics and Analytics, Marketing on Mobile Devices, Search Engine Marketing and many more. The great part of the Apprenticeship was learning about all elements of marketing, which broadened by overall knowledge and linked to other areas within IPG, such as Society and Cadreon.

My biggest piece of advice to anyone leaving Sixth Form or College would be to have a browse online at Apprenticeship opportunities, because they are often overlooked with the pressures of applying for university and there may be a more suitable option!

Now that my Apprenticeship has ended, I have taken on the position of Account Executive. The opportunities I’ve been given over the past 13 months have been invaluable, and what I’ve learnt will stay with me for the rest of my career.