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Mumstock 2017

Aristotle said, “we are what we repeatedly do, success is not an action but a habit”

At Mumsnet's Mumstock annual conference last week, research was conducted in partnership with Saatchi & Saatchi and explored this theory in ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Brands’. In-depth research into business behaviours of successful brands marketing to Mums, highlights that repeating an action alone does not lead to success (sorry Aristotle). Good habits, that appeal to Mums, need to be embedded into a business – they need to be the way a business is run, its belief system.

So here’s the lowdown on the 7 habits (which unsurprisingly are 7 characteristics which Mums exhibit themselves)

  1. Sorcery – we’re talking the magic fairy dust and sparkle, think Lush and their bath bombs which tease and tickle from the smell to the name.
  2. Elasticity – being flexible and able to adapt to accommodate. This is Ikea’s area of ultimate expertise, with multi-functional products (a light and a charger?!) and kid friendly showrooms.
  3. Showmanship – confidence in the knowledge that you are great at what you do. Like Lego and the humble brick, turning their flagship store in to a tourist attraction (including a 6ft replica of Big Ben which illuminates at night).
  4. Attentiveness - it's intuition, a sixth sense and the ability to pre-empt a situation. Like having to build the trampoline on Christmas Eve, buying it is the easy bit, as the most recent John Lewis Christmas ad showed.
  5. Precision – simplifying, short-cutting, the hacks we need to make everything possible. Like Lidl positioning all products in the same place in each store making shopping the smart choice, not just for value.
  6. Integrity – values need to be gospel, brands need to stay true to their core. Ella’s Kitchen shows their commitment to ‘change the way children eat for the better’ with this ambition guiding everything they do.
  7. Enhancement – behaving like a coach, empowering and motivating mums to live better. Like National Trust and their annual Cadburys Easter hunt.

When thinking about your own brand, and how best to connect with Mum’s, it is not just a case of ‘follow the leader’. Start by identifying the key habits with greatest resonance and then check they are embedded throughout the entire business, not just the marketing. But don’t worry, if like many, you’ve picked up bad habits or have areas of weakness there are steps you can take to change. Partnerships can help bridge gaps and move in to unchartered areas. Disney showed this all too well with their Volvic partnership, which used the magical allure of Disney to use pester power in drive positive change.