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Men Unmasked: Joe Media

What better way to spend an early Friday morning than decoding the inner thoughts and feelings of the modern British man, or as JOE Media entitled the session, #MenUnmasked.

Launched in 2015, JOE aims to provide great content for men, and they’ve recently made a number of well-established senior editorial appointments, showing their dedication to the cause.

Having conducted an anonymous survey of roughly 15,000 men, they proceeded to determine the general consensus on a wide range of topics, including mental health, body image, right through to the much debated, Brexit.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the “research reveal” at The Brewery, EC1 where an elite panel, including Will Straw (who led the official government remain campaign) and Richard Beech (Editor, discussed a sample of the findings in further detail, and the implications that they had on the current media landscape.

Chaired by Allen Dib (MD & Head of Insights at W20), the panel delved into their feelings towards the data, as well as sharing personal insight and relevant supporting anecdotes, before opening the floor up for audience participation.

Key findings that were discussed during the session were:

  • Only 17% of men think the UK media represents the type of man they are.
  • 71% of men feel there is too much expected of them.
  • 40% of men have felt a form of depression at some point.
  • 93% of men want to reach out to their friends when they are dealing with depression.
  • 73% of men do not identify with being a “lad”.
  • When speaking to men, you need to understand your audience better; find the few to reach the many.
  • Don’t focus on just pushing out the lowest common denominator content (in order to achieve more views), tailor your offering accordingly.
  • Rather than celebrities, the number one inspiration to be a better man is actually their father.