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Media 360 in 10 points

Media 360 was once again held in Brighton (although not too sunny!) this year and I was lucky enough to attend. It was two jam-packed days of presentations, discussions, innovation hubs and more, giving a full 360 degree look at today’s media industry.

This year’s theme was ‘Transform and Unite’, which was timely given the current UK uncertain climate of Brexit and snap elections. We have compressed the key points discussed into 10 points below – enjoy!

  1. We are living in a state of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity & ambiguity) – it is the new normal.
  2. Brand trust is closely correlated to business performance.
  3. Diversity is not a problem to solve- it is the answer to your business challenges.
  4. Entertainment makes brands meaningful.
  5. Consumer passions open the door when trust & attention are at an all-time low.
  6. Culture give brands the opportunity to mean something and do something.
  7. Storytelling is key, but first you need to do something worthy of telling a story about.
  8. We all need to think differently, like artists - creativity can never be captured by robots.
  9. There are no new ideas. Ideas don’t come from thin air, each idea has an origin and is a development on the past.
  10. Art is interesting but not always right. Science is right but not always interesting. The combination of the two is both interesting and right.