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Magazine Brands - Alive & Well

Recently, I went to two very different events held by two very different women’s glossies. Both showed that women’s magazine brands still hold a valued place in many women’s hearts – even those ‘millennials’ whose media consumption, we are told, is anything but traditional.

The first event was hosted by Vogue who presented a robust piece of research carried out for them by YouGov. It examined the evolution of audience media behaviour and digital engagement with magazine brands across all platforms. It also looked at the impact on paths to purchase and the new opportunities offered by native and video content. The findings confirmed that more women than ever are connected to magazine platforms and as a result are spending more time with the brands. This growth is largely driven by the millennial audience who still value magazines as a luxury and a treat but see the magazine’s digital platforms as a complementary and necessary part of their media offering.

The second was a very different affair altogether. It was the fashion show finale of the week long Fashfest event held by Cosmopolitan. This was an event held for readers who paid for the privilege to be there and was heaving with women keen to get the most out of the whole Cosmo experience. Brands took their place in the welcome hall offering makeovers, cocktails, manicures and even fake tans before the big fashion show took place and more brands sent their key season’s pieces down the runway. This coincided with the launch of the new-look Cosmo and distribution strategy aimed at attracting a new audience. I took the opportunity to chat to some of the readers about the event and the new look mag and all were very enthusiastic. Cosmo and all it had to offer was a brand they loved.

Different events but the same message could be taken away: magazine brands continue to remain relevant for today’s millennial audience. They are happy to interact across platforms with brands that they trust and enjoy spending time with.