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Fatherhood brings happiness, optimism and creativity for millennials

Sarah Wragg
Sarah Wragg Senior Manager, Global and UK Communications

Last week saw the unveiling of Initiative’s latest major research project, millennial dads, in which we spoke to fathers from around the world who are aged 25-34. The study was a follow up from our 2014 millennial’s project, which looked at the behaviours, attitudes and shopping habits of the age group in general.

Dads today are redefining fatherhood

A closer look at millennial dads showed fatherhood brings with it a new lease of life and a greater sense of optimism. In fact the study shows that millennial dads are redefining fatherhood.

Enthusiastic, hands-on, confident and financially stable; they are an exciting and lucrative audience and brands should be tailoring their advertising in a way that will appeal to these characteristics.

This redefined group sees fatherhood as an opportunity to ‘knuckle down’ and refocus, which in turn leads to a change in priorities.

What our study revealed

70% of millennial dads believe they now have more choice about how they live their lives.

  • Interestingly, millennial dads are more likely than both non-parents and millennial mums to believe that women have the same opportunities as men (67%), which may indicate they see their roles in the family as more equal.
  • Fatherhood shifts how they shop – millennial dads are more ‘active’ and savvy shoppers who seek out more information about household goods.
  • 45% of millennial dads say brands play an important role in their lives compared to 39% of their counterparts that haven’t become fathers.
  • They are significantly more likely to recommend brands (65%) than their non-dad (56%) and mum (60%) counterparts.
  • More socially conscious, millennial dads are more likely to engage with brands which donate to a good cause.
  • Ownership of devices is higher than amongst all millennials. 62% of dads own three or more devices and 82% of Millennial dads own a smartphone – and it’s the first port of call when researching products.

Dads are positive the world over

We discovered a stark contrast in how parenthood affects millennial mums vs dads. Mums were shown to have a greater sense of anxiety than dads, who came across as more confident about their financial situation and displayed a more optimistic approach to life.

Overall, the story for millennial dads was overwhelmingly positive; and interestingly, this was a global trait – showing that millennials are redefining fatherhood all over the world.

A full copy of the report will be available here shortly but for now, please enjoy our infographic highlighting the main points and the feature in Marketing Week.

For more information about our study on millennials dads and mums, please contact:

Hanna Chalmers
Research Director, G14