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BuzzFeed is launching a smart cooker

If you're anything like me, you're, like, fine in the kitchen. Not going on Masterchef any time soon but also not sheepishly lugging out the recycling bags once a week having filled them to bursting with empty pizza boxes and tins of beans. Sometimes, perhaps, but not always. 

And, if you're anything like me, you have a bookmarks bar / saved list / Pinterest board full of sexy recipes with easy-to-follow videos with magical hands and beautiful results. But do these recipes ever make it out of the screen and onto the plate? Well, if you're anything like me... 

So, how excited were we all to hear about Buzzfeed's new actual real-life smart cooker, which is controlled via the Tasty app, understands exactly what's going on in the pan and basically cooks all those sexy recipes for you...?!

The appliance, called One Top, is a collaboration between Buzzfeed and GE is launching in the US in November, and is a game-changing gap-bridger between the digital publishing, product innovation and smart home worlds. Buzzfeed and Tasty are already well-versed in bringing brands into their platforms to produce integrated solutions - so what can we expect for our brands with this brand new way of working with content? 

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