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Bond vs Star Wars

It’s the year of Cinema’… how many times have you heard that?

But guess what? Now it really is! Ad revenue is up 21 per cent and admissions were up 10 per cent in the first half of the year – we’ve even had our very own Amazon advertise their Student offer in Cinema for the first time ever. The client was able to report back on a phenomenal set of results, which has led to further investment in Q4.

Despite the clichés, 2015 has been a phenomenal year for cinema, and it’s shaping up to finish on an incredible high. A quick glance at the table below shows the unending series of blockbusters that have hit the big screen so far this year: Jurassic World; Avengers: Age of Ultron; Fifty Shades of Grey; Fast & Furious 7 and Mission: Impossible 5. And now we are fully expecting the latest releases from the ever-lucrative James Bond and Star Wars franchises to smash even more records for the industry.

Which leads me to the question we’re all asking: ‘Who’s going to win?’ Spectre (out on 29th October) or Star Wars: The Force Awakens (out on 17th December)? So… who will get more admissions? We’re talking about total UK admissions for the entire period each movie is in cinemas.

It seems that the answer has generated a division in opinion. So let’s look at the facts:


  • SPECTRE is following the biggest film in UK history (Skyfall) which delivered more than 12.6m admissions in 2012, and is the only film to cross the £100m mark in the UK
  • It is rumoured to be Daniel Craig’s fourth and final Bond movie
  • Sam Smith has collaborated on the titles song ‘Writing’s on the Wall’
  • The official trailer received only 14m views on YouTube – far less than Star Wars’ trailer views - but is predicted to have the highest box office takings of £70m over 33 weeks (source: DCM)

The Force Awakens

  • Will have a touch of the Star Wars generational magic - the industry has muted that this could revitalise the saga in a big way
  • Nostalgia has been an important factor in the success of some recent blockbusters, with Jurassic World currently the eighth biggest film of all time in the UK
  • It could benefit from being released during the Christmas holidays
  • The official trailer received 72m views on YouTube (vs. Bonds 14m) but is predicted to have lower box office takings of £50m over 39 weeks (source: DCM)

There’s a split in opinion at Initiative (a few bets have even been taken) - watch this space…