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Audible partners with Time Out to target book lovers on the move

Scott Bilbe
Scott Bilbe (former) Senior Creative Producer

Historically Audible has targeted booklovers - not trying to convince these print traditionalists to exclusively move across to digital, but rather to opt for audiobooks while cooking or running. Basically while they were doing something else.

Now we are working on something new, to position Audible as a new entertainment category all on its own. By celebrating the power of the spoken word we want to encourage our new ‘Paying Digital Content Consumer’ audience to take the time to sit back and relax with an audiobook, much like you would do with a movie or TV show.

That is why, over the next few weeks, we are partnering with Time Out and taking over their film section. In each issue of the magazine, Time Out will recommended four of the best Audible audiobooks connected to that week’s big film release.

For example: Are you a fan of Star Wars? Why not try listening to ‘Ready Player One’ and enter the virtual universe of the OASIS read by Will Wheaton of Star Trek fame?

Time Out has a passionate and engaged film audience and we want to grab their attention by offering them something that is both new and innovative. This is where our second partner, Shazam, comes in. Using Shazam’s brand new watermarking technology users are able to scan the page in Time Out and listen to the four handpicked audio extracts straight off the page.

So if you haven’t already, download the Shazam app, grab your copy of Time Out on Tuesday and scan away.

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