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Real Lives, Real Issues #10 - EU Nationals in the UK

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EU nationals represent 3.2 million of the UK’s 65 million population, which is around 5%. However, they make up almost 7% of the workforce. In the pre-referendum debate, their fate was barely on the agenda. But now, a year later, they’ve been offered some assurances by the government. What do these people think about Brexit, the UK and the EU? How are their experiences and attitudes going to shape the UK economy? How should brands and employers react? Read more
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Was Hillary ‘Trumped’ by weak strategy or strong data?

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As we all know, Advertising Week Europe has been upon us all. With more than 175 seminars and workshops over four days, with talks from our very own Michael Roth, England’s victorious rugby coach Eddie Jones and even erstwhile American Vice President Al Gore to come, the event is an impressive undert… Read more
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Real Lives, Real Issues #9 Christmas on a budget

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Christmas is a favourite time of year for many people. But how do “just about managing” (“JAM”) families, who have been the main focus of Chancellor Hammond’s recent Autumn Statement, cope with the costs they face during the festive season? These are UK families who’ve seen their disposable income pl… Read more
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Innovation in Publishing - Magazine Media is Evolving

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The Lab is a brand new magazine media initiative created by Magnetic in association with Campaign. The two-part programme was designed as an immersive forum in which to explore the craft and influence of magazine media for young (ish) up-and-coming planning execs in the industry. The first stage of T… Read more
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