In 50-ish Words

Lang Lang - The Piano Maverick

I have to admit that I didn't know much about Lang Lang until my daughters' piano teacher mentioned she could get us tickets for £5 to go and see him. After a quick look on YouTube, and the fact that he was performing at the Royal Albert Hall, we soon snapped up some tickets.

He didn't disappoint either. A brilliant piano player and a nice down to earth bloke too. Lang Lang has been called 'immature' by his peers and is seen as a bit of a maverick in the classical piano playing circles. For me, there's no-one else out there at the moment as accessible and inspirational for young piano players.

The real highlight of the day for me though was the performance of 11 year old Alastair Howell. He held his nerve brilliantly in front of the 5,000 strong audience and his piano playing was amazing. It's fantastic to be able to achieve that at such a young age, hopefully it inspired my two daughters as much as it did me.