In 50-ish Words

The Fall

Jon Hill
Jon Hill (former) Activation Director

The Fall. Manchester’s premium post-punk outfit formed in 1976 & led by their charismatic shaman Mark E Smith are a notoriously unpredictable live act. Will they turn up? Will MES be capable of performing? (he’s renowned for enjoying a beer or seventeen) these are the questions. The answer to both of those was a resounding yes at Chelsea’s trendy & affluent Under the Bridge Club housed in the bowels of Stamford Bridge Stadium. The Fall ripped into fresh material (they never play anything more than two years old as a rule) and blasted out a powerful sound with a return to having two drummers in the line-up adding even more crunch to their already heavy sound. Singing from back stage-check, a couple of stage invasions- check & some well-aimed rants from Mr Smith. All in all an excellent and predictably unpredictable Fall Gig.