In 50-ish Words

Stewart Lee --- A Room with a Stew @ The Leicester Square Theatre

As eclectic as it is hilarious, ‘A Room with a Stew’ is refreshingly different to the ‘have you ever noticed how…’ Siberia of observational stand-up. Lee continually folds back on himself, weaving a routine of glorious absurdity: from urinating on his Grandad’s face, to a condiment-soaked Rod Liddle, all the while mercilessly berating the audience for not being good enough at comedy to time their laughter correctly. Beneath the hilarious material on urine and dead comedians however lies a potent satire of the denouncers of ‘political correctness’ and equality. ‘A room with a Stew’ is vintage Stuart Lee, displaying all the reasons he is still the King of alternative comedy.

Seen at The Leicester Square Theatre

Image © Graham Whitmore