In 50-ish Words

Mediatel Magazine Media Event

On the 10th November, the world of magazines came together at Mediatel's half-day conference for a morning of discussions and panel debates to explore a number of issues facing the industry. Outrage at Facebook's mis-calculation of video views was a sore subject for publishers and agencies alike. Interest in the room piqued when Marcus Rich, CEO of Time Inc, mentioned his desire to offer advertisers in the UK the American model of magazine publishers guaranteeing 4xROI on magazine campaigns, and his desire to follow suit.

The second panel session of the morning was centred on the outlook for publishers and their stables of titles, monetisation of assets being the key talking point with publishers and content creation agencies vying for the same space. Content and events seemed to come out as the way forward by utilising a publishers’ identity and credentials to appeal to their audience, but the issue of scale compared to digital counterparts seems difficult to navigate especially with the prediction that 70% of advertising will be ‘Native’ by 2021.