In 50-ish Words

La Roux - Trouble In Paradise

As a rule of thumb I have to listen to an album at least 3 times to get into it.  A lot of my favourite ever albums never blew me away first time, however, ‘Trouble in Paradise’ is a music anomaly.

From the excellent opener ‘Uptight Downtown’ through to the slow building ‘Let Me Down Gently’ via ‘Sexotheque’, which has to be a frontrunner for the song of the summer, Elly Jackson has written an album that’s amazing throughout.

The last two weeks has seen two albums released (the other being Jungle’s debut) that are surefire contenders to top the end of year polls and also win the Mercury Prize.  

With half the year still left, who said ‘albums are edging closer to extinction’?!! (It was George Ergatoudis, Head of Music at Radio 1, if you must know).