In 50-ish Words

House of Illustration – Mac Conner – A New York Life

Scott Bilbe
Scott Bilbe (former) Senior Creative Producer


I am going to be honest, I had never heard of Mac Conner before a colleague (Initiative's very own Don Draper) mentioned that Conner’s work was being prepped for a new exhibition at the House of Illustration in Granary Square, Kings Cross. His work is now on display in the UK for the first time in his long and illustrious career.

Touted as the ‘real Don Draper’ due to his prominence and rise in the 1950s New York advertising scene, his work is vivid, stylish and effortlessly timeless.

His work helped define the graphic look of print advertising, helping to invigorate the optimism that came with post war America and the new capitalist dream.

The Exhibition takes you through Conner’s life and walks you through the evolution of his work through informative and detailed annotation, the exhibition contains over 70 original pieces of work, each as encapsulating as the last.

McCauley ‘Mac’ Conner continued to re-invent himself despite a rapidly evolving market staying at the forefront of the modern art and illustrative world well into his 70’s. At the grand old age of 101 he is still going strong and resides in his apartment just off 5th Avenue in New York, overlooking the city where it all began well over 60 years ago.