In 50-ish Words

Graham Coxon - Roundhouse Camden Town, Saturday 2nd August

Jon Hill
Jon Hill (former) Activation Director

Having never been to an acoustic gig before I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed the first half of Graham Coxon’s set at the stunning Roundhouse in Camden Town on Saturday. A fine mix of melody, inventive lyrics and feeling with an almost lullaby-esque quality certainly soothed the crowd, perhaps a bit too much. The second half was all pace, power and intensity when backed by his full band, however, despite everything being technically excellent there seemed to be a huge disconnect between the stage and the crowd. I’d imagine there was more dancing in the days of Oliver Cromwell. This may have been due to exceptional circumstances or it could have been a result of the set order. Either way, although both were enjoyable it was certainly a gig of two halves as the football cliché goes. Strangely it seemed the crowd, myself included, preferred the first & not the wall of sound bombastic finale.