In 50-ish Words

Feel nothing, do nothing. Feel more, buy more.

Recently the Initiative Insight team went to the cinema to watch adverts! Not just any adverts though: the ‘Feel More 50’ event was put on by market research company Brainjuicer to showcase the results of their research into 2015’s top adverts from around the world. Brainjuicer believe very strongly in the work of Daniel Kahneman and are interested in what manages to tap into the so-called ‘System 1’ part of the brain - the intuitive, subconscious part. That’s why they judge all the ads they test (some 550-odd), based on the type and intensity of emotion it brings out in their guest participants.

Some of this year’s entries were superb, with the winner coming out as ‘Puppyhood’ by Purina, USA and my personal favourite, also from the US, ‘The Uncrashable Toy Cars’ by Mercedes-Benz. The only disappointing thing was that only one UK advert made it into the top 50. Let’s hope 2016’s batch of UK adverts has us laughing, crying and buying.

See the full list here: